Our Concept

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Wood is everything to us, wood is our starting point. We use every single part and try to recover even the pieces that would be wasted. We give life to ordinary wooden objects, such as cutting boards, transforming them into something extraordinary. Every product is born from an idea to solve a specific problem or perform a function and is combined with aesthetic research. The choice of prime materials and the care of each element is important to us no matter how big or small the item. Our products are made entirely from wood but sometimes we insert a small feature in fabric (felt for example), or plexiglass. Plexiglass? Yes, we recover and re-use the waste-products from our production process, to ensure that we always meet our objectives. For example the off-cuts of our OnlyWood necklace allows us to then create earrings and bracelets.
Even the packaging follows our philosophy: ensuring materials are mostly natural, recycled or recyclable as per our standards. Our products combine the extensive experience and production methods of woodwork with our desire for a new conscious and responsible world.