About us

In 2014, Maria Teresa and Davide of “Rizzardi S.A.S” and Chiara and Andrea of “Medeaa Architectural Studio” met, assessed and exchanged ideas. Both Maria Teresa and Davide, not even 30-years of age and already managers of the family business, have the desire to be recognised in the market with innovative products. On the other hand, Chiara and Andrea have the aspiration to drive these creative ideas to reality. As a result, myfolia was born: unifying tradition and expertise with the innovation and the knowledge of modern machinery and techniques to create a new concept of products.
myfolia is backed by a business with over forty years’ in the field of wood-work: Rizzardi S.A.S. The story started in 1973 when Giuseppe Rizzardi established his business producing woodcraft using traditional machinery. His passion and hard work has shaped the family business into what is today. In 2007, Giuseppe was joined by his two children Maria Teresa and Davide to form Rizzardi S.A.S. Over the years the business has stayed abreast and progressive by utilising updated machinery and technology: first with the introduction of a computerised pantograph and later by employing laser cutting technology.

Maria Teresa aka Terry
Maria Teresa is not only a master at operating the laser cutting machinery but also at handling all the administrative functions. She is enthusiastic by nature and takes pride in her work.As a social media expert she is responsible for keeping myfolia’s Facebook, Twitter and other social networks up to date.

DavideDavide The Tech-Genius
Programming machinery and other complicated tasks are like child’s play to Davide. He possesses the traits of a true problem solver: composure, rationality, organisation and tenacity. He is affectionately known as ‘The Boss” since he holds the reigns of the company.

chiaraChiara The Perfectionist
With her sharp eye for detail, Chiara is responsible for choosing the materials for the design and packaging of each product. Her constant flow of ideas result in sketches, notes and chat messages with her colleagues at all hours. She is thirsty to be involved in the production process to better understand practices and ensure that objectives are met.

AndreaAndrea The Realist
Andrea is Chiara’s alter-ego where the ideas become a reality. He is responsible for product design and focused on co-ordinating the graphics and image of myfolia with the same attention to detail as in the design of its products. Andrea is a firm believer in doing one thing and doing it well.

GiuseppeGiuseppe The Engineer
With over forty years’ experience in wood-work he deserves this title. Whilst always in a hurry, even when driving a forklift, he is constantly on the look-out for new creations. Naturally, he is the first point of reference for myfolia.